Thursday, October 8, 2009

NEg-ibanezz(symphonic of emylia)

-NEg-ibanezz(symphonic of emylia)

from tiben::::
haha..cant wait nymore...thats the 1 of ur life..that,has bein included at this story...the great 1 can understand about the story of this symphonic...just wait k..dun wory its belong to u....this is a simple from me ..but it ill be change at my album...u can feel it if u can feel the tone of keybord that i had include..ur main story are at that tone.
....hahahahaha....anyway thanks alot to u can..cause once i was thinking to relise another symphonic..i had no story..suddently i think about u..and then i check out ur all the info about this story i take it from there...once i read gaves me lots of idea...than i do sum paper work..after that i start doing this story..i love it...u noe wat..there is only 1 word can says about this strory..the 1 who belong to this story is the best among the wan can be like this great one....its a pleasure for me to make this story...........hail the malaya.............

thanking mr.TIBEN from NEG_IBANEZZ
for the symphonic song he made 4 me!

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