Friday, October 22, 2010

super me.

im now making a new move in order to celebrate the new year.
some closet n bags are about to be 'let go'.
all of them is taken care.
except for the bags above.
i missed her. my AD.
i have not been using her for 1 n half year,but at the end of 2009.
 it suit me well n i love wearing her very much.
though i have my victory days n fallen,she stayed with me.
 i brought her everywhere from the performing stage, back down to the grave, flea market places, meeting my erwan zafiq for the first time, hang out with mummy n soon back into my closet.
she got 1 smell i can never forget. n back again i dunt trust u anymore.
 i'll keep u close thru the door.

Monday, October 18, 2010

peristiwa arnap!

i called mummy to ask ttg atuk. coz she is now SICK! for those yg tak tahu. atuk is SICK!
then i came up wif a project. which is a great invesment i think'
to be summarized.

me: mum..i think u shud help me buying 10-15 ekor arnap. sbb sy maw bikin bela.dan kasik breed dan juai, i bayar for the modal. find me a good breed. *ckp dgn sies amat like...a bos! u noe.

mcm comey
mum: rasanya mcm tak ok bela binatang. nanti busuk rumah. nt jiran2 marah

*i was likely thinking, 'sapa nak bela kat rumah. bela lah kt sangkar.'

then she hand the phone to atuk. atuk can oledy speak so well. n plus atuk can make jokes yg kelakar mcm nak gila masa ktorg take care of her.

atuk: arnap,? tak laku kakak. ayam kampung laku la. baru org maw dagin dy
*i was likely thinking again, mkn ayam mmg fevret. tp kalu bela ayam,mcm nak minta cancel la proposal tu.

TAK PASAL2 DENGAQ MUMMY BERGELAK SAKAN KT BELAKANG DGN MAKLANG! i know she doesnot has to bear me any reason to make me stick to the plan.. ahuuu.. :(( i need to kumpul wang. so much things to do. takkan dah besar nak mintak kat mak lagi!
geraammnya aku!

too much things around!

emm.. let se.. what am i gonna scrumble about.
i meant its juz a beginning of the week!

okay! 1st adorable thing'd happened goes to.......................
 "aku terlewat merasmikan blog incik Nazera my rumate!" huyeh2...(baloons,confenetti all around.) feel so good seing everyone is having own blogs rite,might give rise to new adjustment maybe. in case u guys're peeling the life.

2nd thing pulaaakk......"Besday Norzatul Ezzah yg ke 21" pun my rumate jugak. masa di matrix dululah tahun 2007/08.gonna miss her so much. hey! i was a KMPian aswell..

3rd.......was.......THE UNCELEBRATED 'YET'- 8th MONTH LOVE KACUK2 me n my boyfie. i love u baby.
dunno when to sambut ntah.both were busy dgn study lah apa2 kan.. nak exam tak lama lagi dah ni.
kenpa KACUK2? tengoklah kulit dan tona yg berbeza. sbnrnya cik abg saya ni puteh hampa taw dak.. AUUMM!
cake! lai lai lai!