Thursday, August 26, 2010

sweetest surprise

i wish u know how it felt when all the do's became the don't,
the touch became simply a hold to fulfill what it takes
the yesses became the nos,
the gud laugh became the grin,
and worse..
the white turned to black.
those things above were not ours

I never knew life, could be like this

Never thought I that would be the one that u would kiss

I never new love could be so rough

But now I found the real thing I can't get enough

The sweetest surprise

Come at me tonight, right there in your eyes

While I was kissing you

So don't say that you don't love, everything you dreamed of could be here

I used to wish

I used to dream

But now, I'm living my heart while there is fantasy

So, I begin to believe because our love is there for everyone to see

Friday, August 20, 2010

impressive thing

world today is an impressive realistic

We have went and bought chickens at local farms,  hatched our own eggs, and the hen then hatch her own eggs..

NEVER thought that we would ever be getting chicks in the internet,
so do lintah, pokok herba n the list goes on n on~
amazing. rite?