Wednesday, March 30, 2011

obtaining you.

waiting for the love one to merapi himself, iron baju n solat .......... it cost me 1hour waiting.
here come the results...muka hodoh2 type of pics so in love wif u. im sure u do.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


it was yesterday.
plan we up to tak menjadi. cm biasa, my favourite boy, always membontot ku stiap kali sopping.
tQ on ur patience..n love n everything.

the last 24 hours was nothing, however u fill me up with ur smile.
*fukc the hujan. hahaha  he was all wet. kasihan abbi. :)

sorry sebab malas nk drive.n let u alone drive while i was sleeping beside. i miss ur tummy.

i love u. i miss u.
even if we had a lil fight.. i cant loose u.
you must be an angel..

oh btw. he told me, If i loose a father, i wud still have him. instead for him, If he loose me, he wud still never had a father.
please. we complete each other. im so touched.

Monday, March 7, 2011

if u knew..3

Fucking Perfect

if u knew how it hurts us lot when it came to...
please stop! i've got so much things else to do, rather than to hear u cry.

it was before to hear that, 
my darling, why are u's ok. plz dun cry.. im here for u. dun worry.. coz i love u so much...

those u have been this way, pls. im not used to this (with him). raised ur hand n tell me how.

p/s: syg isteri tinggal2kan,
 syg anak tangan2kan,
syg gf....permain2kan.sbb kt utp ad yg lebih baaagus.

lagi bagus hidup tak mau, mati pun tak mau

Thursday, March 3, 2011

pretty in hell 1

being useless for times.

revenge for some things.

i hate u !!!!!!!!.

this is what im gonna do.
i might be coloring my hair in slow volume  range of color before.
however this totally into this.

aku dah naik meyampah sgt dah. sebaik2 aku syg kan kau, kau sakiti hati aku.

yet, im still holding on!! u juz dun regret. no appreciation.
if im dying, believe me....u will miss me like hell. n thanking urselves as being stufffiD to the one who has been thinkin bout u too much!

i love u burgundy.i cant wait to meetcha!
no worries baby, i wont comb u. as i love u this way. juz right this way.

get that fuk outta me.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dear Diary 3

i wish i cud cry.
a heart full of regrets. n i miss u so much boy...
when all good love songs sounded meaningful, n touch u alot.
once again, im so hurted inside.
how couldnt u understand what im saying
eversince u held my hand, there's no none in the world could ever replace u.

it seemed unfair.
i juz dun want to be with u anymore.
but my heart juz wanting u so much.
u might not feel what i felt. at the end of the days.
the bad will always be bad, then u leave her for a reason.
while she was there to love u for thousands reason.

dear love song,
please stop playing ur track. u hurt me alot..........