Thursday, March 3, 2011

pretty in hell 1

being useless for times.

revenge for some things.

i hate u !!!!!!!!.

this is what im gonna do.
i might be coloring my hair in slow volume  range of color before.
however this totally into this.

aku dah naik meyampah sgt dah. sebaik2 aku syg kan kau, kau sakiti hati aku.

yet, im still holding on!! u juz dun regret. no appreciation.
if im dying, believe me....u will miss me like hell. n thanking urselves as being stufffiD to the one who has been thinkin bout u too much!

i love u burgundy.i cant wait to meetcha!
no worries baby, i wont comb u. as i love u this way. juz right this way.

get that fuk outta me.

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