Friday, May 13, 2011

How much spice can u have in chillies?

i think chillies are super red. as much as the spice they wud have. 
i dun think chillies are vege. they are fruits. yes they are.
with passion inside. they are dangerous in another part.
think. at some moments, we have been giving thing for something which is around, n hell yah. i wont tolerate. the only person make me do, is juz my mother.
well, about the question, How much spice can u have in chillies? .. (*it depends..)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bulan di tutup awan


janji setia sudah diucapkan


kata bersumpah telah kupadukan


engkau pergi jauh membawa diri


daku saorang dalam sunyi sepi

nun bulan ditutup awan


hati bertambah rawan


jikalau ku tahu janjimu palsu


tidak kuturut sedari dahulu

wahai janji setia sudah diucapkan


kata bersumpah telah kupadukan

engkau pergi jauh membawa diri


daku saorang dalam sunyi sepi

We might have enjoyed the laughter
not forget, the cries....
if this is the end............i'll be away. n counting.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dear Diary 5



Saturday, April 16, 2011

have u ever been turned up n down?

i can see the right thing on the wall.

Friday, April 1, 2011

whare have i been? 1

been searching for the right dress.
actually it's just a matter of

"oh i can wait till the end of month for her" (as i have just cutting down some hundreds for girlstuff..again last week)


"im afraid i wud loose her ever"

i'll be saying that the second phrase the one i wud concern most.
i cant loose pretty good things again n again.

the journey hs act  made up my mind to.

i'll get what i want.

had good night wif my favvah outing girl which is also my consultant in another stuff as well :D

thanx for the nite honey. hahahhaaha
ve made up my mind for a piece of.......

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

obtaining you.

waiting for the love one to merapi himself, iron baju n solat .......... it cost me 1hour waiting.
here come the results...muka hodoh2 type of pics so in love wif u. im sure u do.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


it was yesterday.
plan we up to tak menjadi. cm biasa, my favourite boy, always membontot ku stiap kali sopping.
tQ on ur patience..n love n everything.

the last 24 hours was nothing, however u fill me up with ur smile.
*fukc the hujan. hahaha  he was all wet. kasihan abbi. :)

sorry sebab malas nk drive.n let u alone drive while i was sleeping beside. i miss ur tummy.

i love u. i miss u.
even if we had a lil fight.. i cant loose u.
you must be an angel..

oh btw. he told me, If i loose a father, i wud still have him. instead for him, If he loose me, he wud still never had a father.
please. we complete each other. im so touched.

Monday, March 7, 2011

if u knew..3

Fucking Perfect

if u knew how it hurts us lot when it came to...
please stop! i've got so much things else to do, rather than to hear u cry.

it was before to hear that, 
my darling, why are u's ok. plz dun cry.. im here for u. dun worry.. coz i love u so much...

those u have been this way, pls. im not used to this (with him). raised ur hand n tell me how.

p/s: syg isteri tinggal2kan,
 syg anak tangan2kan,
syg gf....permain2kan.sbb kt utp ad yg lebih baaagus.

lagi bagus hidup tak mau, mati pun tak mau

Thursday, March 3, 2011

pretty in hell 1

being useless for times.

revenge for some things.

i hate u !!!!!!!!.

this is what im gonna do.
i might be coloring my hair in slow volume  range of color before.
however this totally into this.

aku dah naik meyampah sgt dah. sebaik2 aku syg kan kau, kau sakiti hati aku.

yet, im still holding on!! u juz dun regret. no appreciation.
if im dying, believe me....u will miss me like hell. n thanking urselves as being stufffiD to the one who has been thinkin bout u too much!

i love u burgundy.i cant wait to meetcha!
no worries baby, i wont comb u. as i love u this way. juz right this way.

get that fuk outta me.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dear Diary 3

i wish i cud cry.
a heart full of regrets. n i miss u so much boy...
when all good love songs sounded meaningful, n touch u alot.
once again, im so hurted inside.
how couldnt u understand what im saying
eversince u held my hand, there's no none in the world could ever replace u.

it seemed unfair.
i juz dun want to be with u anymore.
but my heart juz wanting u so much.
u might not feel what i felt. at the end of the days.
the bad will always be bad, then u leave her for a reason.
while she was there to love u for thousands reason.

dear love song,
please stop playing ur track. u hurt me alot..........

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dear Diary 2

things might had happened coincidentally.
we can expect both side to be true or wrong.
becoz we, ourselves, coincidentally dun realize that we have done wrong
there's no use praying to God once things had happened,'
shud have pray b4 it happened.
as a result coincidentlly, none have to be blamed
in this case, i wonder why. me myself be apart of the problem.
both of u.i love u both.
ur words might have hurt me, coincidentally rite?
n coincudentally, i have nothing to say.still love u both.side of both

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

i wish! 2

i wish he cud see me again. might bump into an old pavement
where he used to ride his bike.
he told before, he likes it to see me in normal dress. blue jeans n white sleeve shirt
he loves to see me in make up,the one i made in Istana Budaya. i wish he cud see me again.
coz we both were so broken inside.


i lied.

i was lying to u.
 as i hope u'll come n get me n show me the passion.
unfortunately, u didn't make it.
u keep ur words. n last for 2 days. that's it. keep it up boy.
i dun need ur lousy reason to make me believe in u dat u've change

"hentikan semua ini abang kassim!!!"

come over. n come clean.
aer u ni vloe wthi me ro intseda..

Thursday, December 23, 2010


ini manyak cantik.
wa mau bagitaw tiba2 gua teringin ini barang,tapi wa punya poket 2-3bln sopping mau kuruss wa punya pokket.. my purse juz exactly get flatten!
USD 268
SGD 328 dunno with what discount la. n ada jugak wa discovered @ SGD 189 in somewhere in singapore.still costly in hennggeet.incase replica tak taw la apa.
MYR 600 at authorised outlet.some are selling higher till 790 gila.cekik.darah.
2 kaler khaki n red cherry ni.wa bekenan itu red cherry kaler.
ini nama dia
Coach Khaki Horse & Carriage Leah Zip Tote Handbag 14665

sampai ini hari pun tak penah beli original Cocah, sembang,sembang dah. berangan pun lama dah. yang wa dapat itu Coach Red mirror at henggetmsia86.authentic.directly from us.ini pun sebulan dua bole menayang.
bila wa piker balik membazir la pulek.

terima kasih.
pesana KEPADA penaja: ada mau beli ini utk gue?
wa belanja lu chocolate.

Friday, November 12, 2010

ganache cream

Bz-ing myself looking out of thoughts, ideas, from minded people in making ganache cream..
instead of. studying KFT331 for next paper, tomorrow 13th nov.

so simple but need care. the cream need to be taken care so fine.
cream cheese also need care to choose, supaya tak tersilap btwn yg non halal one.
gonna be dying then

first time nak buat ganache as topping. mixing with the choc taste.
the sponge cake inside is in orange flavoured.
need a good tounge anyway.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

merry 21th, bersedia utk mati

hate to be in despair of fate.
hey mell, growth never stop, its like nerves wherever u are, they stay.
shut up!

im 21. hate to be one
so sorry for what if done
since past 20years and  364days gone.
n now again im 21...

yet i do celebration in examination hall every year.
it's okay, i've got my mom. we celebrated it for 20 times oledy. next will be

duhh! i wana grow smaller.

how can i regret myself for the last years n create me today.
anyway, happy 21..MELL! i cant grow up..plese dun let me be one.
still a lil child, n require full-time care.

yang hidup pasti mati
yang mati takkan kembali.
aku tak bersedia menemui mati.
nyatakan bila dan masa nyawaku bisa di ambil.
biar aku tampal hati yang punya lubang,
biar aku kosongkan agar ku tenang.

i love u grandma...
give a big applouse for the best granma in da world!
stay tune to my collection of hadiah next episode :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dear Diary

sometimes i felt the love was not so strong.
are actually hiding something?
or we're just pretending?
when the right time n place come, we'll be loving, leaving n missing each other.
i dont know, are u actually my true love?
no one can ever conclude that till the end of journey. please show me ur love more than u ever do.
i know. im not the best girl u ever had.
and i know how to feel tiny, n being apart.
sorry as i have created so much troubles n miseries...
sometimes i think,i dun deserve u....
i will exactly hurt my heart to make u happy. n everyone around u. for sure.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

tiny tagging by cik nazeera n' 2weeks-afta-wif-self-unconciousness-replied by me

1.Apa benda yang paling penting dalam hidup korang?bende?..
benda yang penting dalam hidop gue adalah
1)bantal busuk = buat misi gayut bawah bantal tiap2 malam.buat penahan air liur meleleh
2)sebungkus biskut dalam bekas kedap udara segelen air paip. = kalo kapal karam pun,gue stranded mana2 gua still muleh buat2 kenduri bwh pokok, air paip bule buat bersuci ape yg patut.
3) henpon yg berkredit penuh = kalo henpon gue takdak kredit tak hidop la ari gue, yela gue pakai henpon ayam saja. gue tahu henpon korg bole buat menatang 3G , dgr2 lagu, capture2 pic..
henpon gue kalo tak berkredit, harapkan main game ular-makan-bola n sudoku je la nk di buat penghiburlara
*kata oghe ganu, paling penting tu sama maksud dgn most importang.

2.Benda yang terakhir korang beli menggunakan duit korang sendiri?
benda terakhiaq gue beli adalah 10.2564liter minyak petrol pada waktu sehari lepas.

3.Dimana tempat korang ingin melangsungkan perkahwinan korang dan tema perkahwinan korang nanti?
gue maw kawen dalam taman, yg bnyk pokok tulip.attention! harus diberi perhatian oleh cangkerang hati gue yah si erwan zafiq, fairy tale wedding boleh gak? hihihi

4.Adakah korang sedang bercinta sekarang?
gueorang sedang bercinta. alhamdulillahhh...

5.Berapa lama korang akan mencintai kekasih korang?
selama mana diaorang mencintai gueorang. alhamdullillahhh

6.Dimana korang selalu berjumpa dengan kekasih korang?
selalu berjumpa...? em...shoppin complex  barangkali,dgn reason lebih ramai urang, gak perlu senyap2 berdua2an ...

7.Novel/buku/majalah yang terakhir korang beli?
gue ter-paksa beli buku kimia, setebal 1200muka surat.

8.Apakah nama penuh korang?
nama penuh gak bisa di papar deh, gak papa, nama mukabukunya saja ya,= mellahjane sajelah

9.Antara mak dan ayah korang,yang mana korang lebih mesra?
mestilah mamik gue!

10.Namakan orang yang korang betul-betul nak jumpa dalam hidup korang?
gue mau jumpa itu org yg bikin hp gue hilang semasa smp2006.gue maw bilang gue sayang sama lo, dan kerna itu gue maafkan salah lo pada gue..jgn risau kita jugak punya bnyk lagi dosa mau di ampun oleh Dia  ^.^

11.Adakah korang basuh baju korang sendiri?
mesti la! raawwrrr! gue kan anak gadis! *maaf ya mommy jika pernyataan ini bikin aku menipu

12.Dimanakah tempat yang korang betul-betul nak pergi?
gue mau ke mesir,paris,amsterdam, lagi istanbul itu turki sana.belgium pula gue maw pigi beli chokolat tapi for the time being gue maw pulang ke rumah!

13.Pilih salah satu,peluk atau cium?

gue mau dua2! jgn degil...ish! ini jari gue ni! maw dua2 juga,tamak punya jari yah! gue potongin lo.!

14.Beritahu 3 benda tentang orang yang tag korang cik nazeera!
-manis ini orgnya taw gakk,terkandung maksud manes dlm prosa tradisional antologi kerusi!
-pandai melaram
-ada ym, skype, fesbuk,blog dan apa lagi yah. :D

15.5 benda yang korang sangat-sangat sayang dalam hidup korang?

-gue syg diri sendiri,mommy,atuk adik, encik erwan zafiq dan sahabat gue walopun gue suka sendirian

-gue syg makanan!!

-gue syg melayu, tp gue masih gak sedar diri punya rambut air karat

-gue syg baju2,kasut dan bags2 gue

-gue syg bantal busuk gue. raaawwrr!

16.5 lagu yang paling korang suka dan selalu dengar?
oiihh..mustahil 5 ni..kay2..listen most to..
- river flows in you, idris sardi,vanessamae.any instrumental
-memory by epica, angels by within temptation, amberian dawn dan seangkatan symphonic dgnnya serta doom metal
-anneke van giersbergen sounds of voices
-anything comes in evergreen, gary allen, andrea bocelli, anyone?
17.Bila tarikh lahir korang dan kat mana korang sambut tahun lepas?
birthday gue, pada tanggal 9Nov1989! sambut seperti biasa dalam examination hall. anyone wud like to givit a cheers? pulang saja mummy nyambut dgn makan2 dirumeh plus cake handmade baked by her. gila! yeehuuu

nah untuk kalian!

my pretty2 fat cousin! huhuhu syg bangat sama kamu edil!

Friday, October 22, 2010

super me.

im now making a new move in order to celebrate the new year.
some closet n bags are about to be 'let go'.
all of them is taken care.
except for the bags above.
i missed her. my AD.
i have not been using her for 1 n half year,but at the end of 2009.
 it suit me well n i love wearing her very much.
though i have my victory days n fallen,she stayed with me.
 i brought her everywhere from the performing stage, back down to the grave, flea market places, meeting my erwan zafiq for the first time, hang out with mummy n soon back into my closet.
she got 1 smell i can never forget. n back again i dunt trust u anymore.
 i'll keep u close thru the door.

Monday, October 18, 2010

peristiwa arnap!

i called mummy to ask ttg atuk. coz she is now SICK! for those yg tak tahu. atuk is SICK!
then i came up wif a project. which is a great invesment i think'
to be summarized.

me: mum..i think u shud help me buying 10-15 ekor arnap. sbb sy maw bikin bela.dan kasik breed dan juai, i bayar for the modal. find me a good breed. *ckp dgn sies amat like...a bos! u noe.

mcm comey
mum: rasanya mcm tak ok bela binatang. nanti busuk rumah. nt jiran2 marah

*i was likely thinking, 'sapa nak bela kat rumah. bela lah kt sangkar.'

then she hand the phone to atuk. atuk can oledy speak so well. n plus atuk can make jokes yg kelakar mcm nak gila masa ktorg take care of her.

atuk: arnap,? tak laku kakak. ayam kampung laku la. baru org maw dagin dy
*i was likely thinking again, mkn ayam mmg fevret. tp kalu bela ayam,mcm nak minta cancel la proposal tu.

TAK PASAL2 DENGAQ MUMMY BERGELAK SAKAN KT BELAKANG DGN MAKLANG! i know she doesnot has to bear me any reason to make me stick to the plan.. ahuuu.. :(( i need to kumpul wang. so much things to do. takkan dah besar nak mintak kat mak lagi!
geraammnya aku!