Thursday, November 11, 2010

merry 21th, bersedia utk mati

hate to be in despair of fate.
hey mell, growth never stop, its like nerves wherever u are, they stay.
shut up!

im 21. hate to be one
so sorry for what if done
since past 20years and  364days gone.
n now again im 21...

yet i do celebration in examination hall every year.
it's okay, i've got my mom. we celebrated it for 20 times oledy. next will be

duhh! i wana grow smaller.

how can i regret myself for the last years n create me today.
anyway, happy 21..MELL! i cant grow up..plese dun let me be one.
still a lil child, n require full-time care.

yang hidup pasti mati
yang mati takkan kembali.
aku tak bersedia menemui mati.
nyatakan bila dan masa nyawaku bisa di ambil.
biar aku tampal hati yang punya lubang,
biar aku kosongkan agar ku tenang.

i love u grandma...
give a big applouse for the best granma in da world!
stay tune to my collection of hadiah next episode :)

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