Sunday, March 27, 2011


it was yesterday.
plan we up to tak menjadi. cm biasa, my favourite boy, always membontot ku stiap kali sopping.
tQ on ur patience..n love n everything.

the last 24 hours was nothing, however u fill me up with ur smile.
*fukc the hujan. hahaha  he was all wet. kasihan abbi. :)

sorry sebab malas nk drive.n let u alone drive while i was sleeping beside. i miss ur tummy.

i love u. i miss u.
even if we had a lil fight.. i cant loose u.
you must be an angel..

oh btw. he told me, If i loose a father, i wud still have him. instead for him, If he loose me, he wud still never had a father.
please. we complete each other. im so touched.


Nazira said...

hahaa...hapdet blog sudaaa...naz pn da hapdet~!!!miss u even baru jmpe..gediks x???:P said...

kihkihkih, nak gelak mcm atok sat. huhu
thanx for the stoli syg!
hahahha gediks tu wajib la kte2 ni! heheh..miss u too.. nak p mengaco lah mcmtu! hehehe

Nazira said...

hehe..heart to heart..woman to woman..best2!

Deana Amane said...

sis..lama x catch up!
wish u always the best!