Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dear Diary 3

i wish i cud cry.
a heart full of regrets. n i miss u so much boy...
when all good love songs sounded meaningful, n touch u alot.
once again, im so hurted inside.
how couldnt u understand what im saying
eversince u held my hand, there's no none in the world could ever replace u.

it seemed unfair.
i juz dun want to be with u anymore.
but my heart juz wanting u so much.
u might not feel what i felt. at the end of the days.
the bad will always be bad, then u leave her for a reason.
while she was there to love u for thousands reason.

dear love song,
please stop playing ur track. u hurt me alot..........


fija said...

are you alright sayang?

Emylia.bt.HujanRintik2 said...

honey, im doing fine, but he has exactly change.
he wud'nt admit it till end of earth.
believe in me
he has change. sometime, he love me so much. sometime he blamed me for not being his gggoood girl. bcoz i dun listen to him. i was juzt likely to reminisce his action, why was him doin such.. n he blamed me as if im trying to start an arguement :(( badly hurted

Norhafiza Shafie said...

oo, how sad.. its okay sayang.. what goes around comes around.. :) cheer up okay..